Advice for Fridays

Well we’re here again and I thought it’d be interesting to think about what Fridays mean to us.

Many folk are excited as it’s almost the weekend and the week at work/school is coming to an end.

But why do we delay our pleasure til the weekend and what is it telling us about our job if we only find our fun for two days a week? I don’t live in a pink and fluffy world where rainbow-coloured unicorns parade round and leap over clouds and I too do sometimes feel relieved that it’s nearly the weekend and don’t feel super-enthusiastic every Monday morning but when you can’t wait for Friday and it’s only Monday what does this mean?

In the UK we spend approximately 44 weeks at work each year taking leave and bank holidays into account meaning that we spend around 85% of our days at work so it’s a long time if we don’t enjoy it – yep I’ve heard rumours of people enjoying work!

So really the point I’m making is that if you don’t like your job life is immeasurably affected so answer the following questions when you next think about the relief that Friday gives you:

  • When’s the last time you woke up and looked forward to going to work?
  • What about that day did you look forward to and how can you make those days happen more regularly?
  • Do you have the skills/ideas to work for yourself and would that lifestyle suit you?
  • Write down what you value about work and what you don’t like…it may help with your next move
  • If you don’t look forward to he weekend do the same exercise about Saturday and Sunday, it may be that your lifestyle needs a revamp

Somebody once said something like “one day when you look back on your life you will NEVER say that you wish you’d spent more time at the office!”


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