Super Vision!

This morning I went to a coaching supervision session which entailed three hours of discussing coaching sessions that we’d had as coaches and about specific points that had come up for us during our coaching. Beforehand I was unsure of how it would go as I hadn’t met any of the fellow coaches before and all sorts of thoughts come into your head as well as expectations and hopes for the time that we would spend together.

There were three of us in the group all discussing our own experiences and learning and what really came across for me was the need to focus on being present with the client at all times and about whose agenda we’re working to as coaches. It is easy to think about what you may want to use or get out of a session and yet the agenda should always, unequivocally be owned by the client.

It was fascinating being in the room and listening to other people with their own background, experiences and approach to life and work and was most useful when challenges came into the room and forced us to question why we do some of what we do, in very few settings is that kind of challenge welcomed or accepted and I take it as a gift of sorts.

I’m even more convinced coming away from the supervision session that it is the quality of the relationship between coach and client that has the biggest effect on the usefulness of the coaching to the client and as with the psychotherapy training that I have recently been on there is much to be said about ‘the space between us’ i.e. what is going on in the room, how we’re feeling and what is going on for us both.

We discussed the differences between coaching and mentoring, my favourite saying on this front is that “Mentors have excellent answers for your questions, coaches have excellent questions for you to answer.”

The difference between trying to do everything yourself and letting others in to help you are for me like the difference between Standard Definition and High Definition, or stereo and mono or to stretch the entertainment analogies further one speaker versus surround sound! I already knew that discussing things with other people can be transformative in its nature when facilitated well and I believe that sharing with others in a safe space is something that can be really beneficial in many areas of life, this truly does give you SUPER VISION!!


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