Advice from 41 year old me to 21 year old me

It’s funny but a similar article urged me to write this as a reflective piece which many people will identify with.

I thought about who I am at 41 compared with the me at 21, it’s weird as in some ways I feel like a completely different person and yet I know it was me even back then – I have the pictures to prove it!!

So as a brief list of little nuggets of advice to myself (and possibly to other 21 year olds – and remember that advice is just advice, it’s based on opinion and experience and is highly subjective!!):

  1. Don’t worry so much about the future, it’ll sort itself out
  2. Don’t worry so much about how you look, you’re 21 you look fresh and lean!
  3. Try not to stress so much about what people think of you, that inner confidence takes time to build and even at 41 you need to draw on its reserves at times but it’ll come (and you never quite know what people think anyway, you just convince yourself that you do know!)
  4. Enjoy being young and the leeway that it can give you
  5. Try new things that you’re interested in, if you don’t like them you can drop them but if you do it can be an interest you retain for life
  6. Imagine a world where you can communicate with millions of people at the touch of a keypad/mouse, when you’re 41 it’ll be possible!
  7. Money may be tight when you’re 21, not always but often. It’ll get better if you keep doing the right things and take opportunities as they come
  8. If you have kids one day savour every moment – keep photos, paintins, notes etc they will always be your proudest achievement
  9. Don’t spend all your money, try to save some
  10. Be careful with receiving advice and taking it as gospel, you’re ok with me – I have no other agenda but to help you
  11. Have fun and smile as much as you can. That’s my advice on almost everything these days around choice of job or decisions between competing diary clashes – do what makes you happy as much as you can
  12. I think that there is much more I could say but the beauty of your life is that it’s yours, you tread your own path and nobody else does and you’ll find out for yourself what good things it has – be happy.

My final bit of advice is to take the advice of 41 year old me with a pinch of salt, it’s well meaning but it is with the benefit of hindsight which is always easier than following your heart, your instincts and gut feeling 🙂

Feel free to comment with advice to your 21 year old self!


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