Monkey Manager!

Yesterday I co-facilitated and delivered a stress management workshop to a group of GP surgery practice managers in Nottingham and one of the sessions was about delegation.

It was fun to walk into the venue with a bag full of monkeys, they symbolised problems as in ‘the monkey on your back!’ and were used in an exercise on how to delegate effectively using questions and challenges to empower staff.

I thought that it was interesting to think about how what to some people is the boss being Teflon/slopey-shoulders can also be an opportunity to increase the scope for learning new skills.

The exercises were useful to think about empowering staff by reassuring them that you as the manager support them to solve the problem (thus giving the monkey back to them). Learning to take more responsibility and show more of what you can do can be really beneficial for a staff member if handled correctly and so much of it is in the way the conversations are handled.

Bottom line is ‘Dont’t hog all the bananas, let some others feed the monkeys!’


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