What is luck?

cloverOk so what is luck?

This is a question that I find intriguing or at least people’s relationship with luck more to the point.

In my coaching practice I acknowledge when my client describes something as lucky or unlucky and then I try to help them to see what they did to create the conditions for this apparently lucky thing to happen. For example, getting a new job or being accepted for a course – it stands to reason that there was some preparation involved before going for a job or applying for a course which may have included updating a CV, carrying out research to help with the interview, looking at their own priorities and deciding to make a change and putting themselves out there. Whichever way, a lot happens at times to help create the conditions for a ‘lucky’ occurrence to happen.

What would feel different for you if you were to believe, just for a few moments, that there is no such thing as luck? No doubt you may think of really freaky incidents or unexplainable occurrences that you can’t explain, coincidences – this is something I do find fascinating and if you enter the term ‘Synchronicity’ into Google and look up Jung’s work on this you might find it interesting. Sometimes we curse our luck when we have had yet another relationship break-up “i’m so unlucky with the opposite sex” being something you may say rather than looking at what was perhaps behind the break-up.

I’m putting all of this a little simplistically perhaps but why not experiment with the idea that luck doesn’t exist and reframe some of the times that you have felt lucky or unlucky and consider whether you had any part to play in the events occurring – if you had absolutely no part in it you may feel that it was down to luck, or you can sometimes take ownership of the fact that you seem to have been unlucky or lucky when it’s not you that has been directly affected – but it always happens to you (cue the chorus to the Travis song, ‘Why does it always rain on me?.’

The main point i’m making is that to some extent I believe that we make our own luck and are more empowered when we recognise how we have done this. We can then repeat the steps again in the future and try to reach different outcomes to the undesirable ones by avoiding making the same errors again, rather than putting it all down to bad luck.

Some famous sportsman once said ‘The more I practice, the luckier I get!’


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