Hey baby!

Well life has changed immeasurably over the past ten days.

Baby Ella was born last Monday funnily enough on the 29 February making her a ‘leapling’ after a range of plans and ultimately an emergency Caesarean section birth.

I’ve been at home this and last week on paternity leave and am glad of this time to bond with her not to mention help Kirsty with her as she needs to be taking it easy post-op.

I have two children from when I was married and within. A week of our new arrival they were celebrating their 18th and 15th birthdays respectively- wow, what a way of reminding you about the passage of time.

When coaching we often look at priorities, goals, action plans, aims etc and this experience of bringing a new life into our  world does make you think about your priorities. In a sense this helps you to ‘get over yourself’ a little and focus on what is important and how you can provide the best conditions for your new priorities to thrive!

I’ve been here  before twice but fatherhood feels like a new challenge and so for me providing stability for our new family is the priority, it was important before but the cat wasn’t as reliant on me and Kirsty!

Top tips from a new dad to anyone (not just new parents):

  • Enjoy and treasure your sleep, you really miss it when it’s in short supply 
  • Don’t be quite so strict on yourself to always have things going on, places to go and people to see. What’s life like when you stop for a minute or two?
  • Think about how you want others to see you. Learn to like yourself and realise that intended or not there are others that watch the behaviours you model and are impacted by them
  • Always be prepared! You never know where the next bodily function is going to strike and in what form (this one really is more for new parents!)



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