The future’s bright…


…The future’s orange!

Well at least these trainers are! I bought this fine flourescent pair for playing squash a few weeks ago online and on the site they looked red, very red but when I unwrapped them they blinded me briefly and now I have to tell opponents about them before we play – I think it’s an EU health and safety rule.

I apologised to my opponent in our league game earlier before we started as I knew that they were off-putting, the normal response to them is “Wow!”

Anyway, Back to the Future now there’s a theme. I’ve been thinking about the past and future a lot lately with going to see the show of “1984” at Nottm Playhouse the other week and now reading another dystopian thriller “Brave New World” where frankly I wonder if I need to be in a different state of consciousness to understand it. Both are set in the future and written before 1950. They both tell of grim futures where control and order is the way (nanny state anyone?)

We also settled in tonight to watch a recording of the new show on Sky “You, Me and the Apocalypse” which begs the question for me of what we would do if we knew that the earth would end imminently? I’ve heard the mantra often bounded about on Facebook about seizing the day, carpe diem, living life to the fullest, as if it’s your last day etc and think about what this really means. If we truly knew that our time was limited what would we do? I guess that people with terminal illnesses may feel like it’s the apocalypse, how does knowing that change how you feel?

Part of me enjoys the unknowing blissful state of not knowing when my time may be up and so trying to just enjoy the moment and plan for the future too, flexibly, but what does living for today mean, and do, for you?


Ok, so here we go…

Ok so this is the first post!

I just thought that when I have thoughts and experiences to share that others could find interesting or helpful that i’d do it – if you nod off reading my future posts I can take no responsibility for this or for any narcolepsy-related accidents, i’d advise you to always have a cuppa ready for when you log on! (To be honest that’s a pretty¬†good idea anyway in life whatever the reason e.g.

lottery win

your team is stuffed at home

the car won’t start

you pass go and collect ¬£200 in monopoly… etc etc you get the picture)

I intend to write about life and my work with helping others to be the best they can through coaching, training, emotional support, bribery, cajoling etc)